This calendar celebrates particular people or events in active nonviolence for each day of the year, with an especially prominent leader or organization noted for each month.

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The Six Principles of Nonviolence

  • Principle 1   Nonviolence Is A Way Of Life For Courageous People.
  • Principle 2   Nonviolence Seeks To Win Friendship And Understanding.
  • Principle 3   Nonviolence Seeks To Defeat Injustice Not People.
  • Principle 4   Nonviolence Holds That Suffering Can Educate And Transform.
  • Principle 5   Nonviolence Chooses Love Instead Of Hate.
  • Principle 6   Nonviolence Believes That The Universe Is On The Side Of Justice.

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From the IFOR website : http://www.ifor.org/definitions.htm